What are people saying about Offwidth – 2016

Posted on Feb 4, 2016 Joining puzzle business concept

“The group was involved all the time. The facilitators were committed and engaged with the group. Super, thank you Sonja!” Gill, Sept 16

“Loved it! Excellent programme. Thank you!” Rhoane, Sept 16

“Exceptional. Involved. Great fun. Communication excellent. Pace and structure of the programme outstanding. Strong leadership Sonja.” Joy, Aug 16

“The group really enjoyed the physical activities and being practically involved. Thank you.” Kaya, Jun 16

“To Sonja and all the Offwidth staff, thanks for another great weekend – kids and dads had a lot of fun. Hopefully I’ll get my camping kit clean and dry before next year.” John, May 16

“Very well organised and impressive facilitators. We loved it.” Carina, Apr 16

“Enjoyed by all, challenges met, objectives achieved. Thank you Sonja.” Gill, Feb 16

“Thank you for a superb experience.” Jeanne, Feb 16

“Thank you for your patience and committment to developing each person’s understanding of the value of working as a team. We were so impressed by your ability to adapt so easily to various weather conditions.” Jackie, Jan 16

“The weekend exceeded my expectations. Thank you!” Sri, Jan 16

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