What People are Saying About Offwidth – 2014

Posted on Dec 29, 2015 guiding-and-adventure

“Gets better each year. A joy working with you.” Raymond. Dec 2014.

“The facilitator was very patient and very helpful with every one. She addressed every question raised.” Caroline. Nov 2014

“We have never been so motivated to be creative in our approach to problem solving, resulting in improved strategising that did not inhibit us from completing tasks successfully.” Kagiso Nov 2014

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” Errol. Oct 2014

“Excellent. Well done.” Khaya. Sept 2014

“The experience on a whole was excellent. Thanks!!!” Jakes. Aug 2014

“A beautiful experience that gave life to lessons that never would have had an impact if they were purely theoretical.” Tshego. Jul 2014

“This was a fun learning course that taught and gave me great insight to effectively deal with customers.” Ashleigh. Jul 2014

“Lots of fun and care. It’s nice how facilitators pass on good values in a non-confrontational way – excellent!” Page. Jun 2014.

“Thank you for your hard work, understanding and patience.” Esswee. May 2014

“Sonja you have a real gift for drawing the lessons out of the activities and picking up on the leader’s points.” Dale. May 2014

“The facilitators made the exprience enjoyable for all the delegates. Thank you.” Mandy. Apr 2014

“Well done Matt & Sonja. Thank you for everything.” Stuart. Mar 2014

“We were challenged and had to work out of our comfort zones.” Tebogo. Feb 2014

“Sonja your endless energy has amazed us all!! Thank you for so many things – for taking time with such a big group, to see them as individuals; for your professionalism; for your calm decisiveness.” Carolyn Jan 2014

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