What People are Saying About Offwidth – 2015

Posted on Dec 29, 2015 2198052

“Thanks for a wonderful experience.” Gill. Dec 2015

“You made us think outside the box.” Humbulani. Dec 2015

“Marc has absolutely loved climbing with you guys and adores Kieran.” Moray. Nov 2015

“This has been a fabulous year for both boys in climbing and I really do thank you and your wonderful team. I know we are looking forward to next year as the boys going from strength to strength with you and the team behind them. Thank you so much for all that you do.” Jessica. Nov 2015

“Thank you so much for one of the best experiences in my life. Keep up the good work. Merci beaucoup!” Esther. Nov 2015

“Sonja, thanks a million to you and the other coaches for helping Nathan with his climbing! All the hard work paid off at Nationals and I am so proud of him.” Brenda. Oct 2015

“The way in which you conduct the activities is absolutely magnificent. You’re really insightful.” Mamodise. Oct 2015

“I continuously learn when I’m around you and your team.” Saan. Oct 2015

“Michelle has been a wonderful leader of climbing as a sport. I believe that the boys have continued to enjoy climbing. Many thanks to you and your team for coming in and making this season work at the school.” Bridget. Sept 2015.

“Thanks to all the staff. This was the best experience ever.” Renard. Aug 2015

“Interaction and information provided was very comprehensive and informative.” Shanelle. Jul 2015

“Boys were kept occupied at all times with worthwhile, enjoyable activities. Charlene was amazing with the boys and Sonja has a very special way with them. Excellent camp – no complaints – best one yet!” Abigail. Jun 2015

“Amazing staff and people. Debriefing was excellent. Thank you!! You are ALL amazing!” Rhoane. May 2015

“The hike was tough. Thank you Sonja and Gavin – you are legends.” Bernard. Apr 2015

“Experiences were incredible and learning curb was big.” Wandile. Mar 2015

“Course was well presented and compact.” George. Mar 2015

“Superb attention to detail and accommodation of people with special needs. Outstanding facilitators. A wonderful balance between fun, challenging and meaningful activities. Thank you for an awesome experience.” Belinda. Feb 2015

“The communication and handling of the delegates was well maintained.” Ross. Jan 2015

“Positive and experiential course. Sonja was very professional.” Nelie. Jan 2015

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