Rock Climbing

Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!

Guiding and Adventure

It is only in adventure, that some people succeed in  knowing themselves – in finding themselves…
…Andre Gide

Corporate Team Building Events

Adventure does not lie only within the objective natural world. It lies deeply within oneself, within the spiritual, emotional and intellectual spheres of personhood.
…Miles and Priest

In rock climbing terms:

“Offwidth climbing is the most difficult to master. It is an awkward space and requires movements that can be physically awkward or uncomfortable.”
(Adapted from John Long, 2003, How to Rock Climb.)
You are well familiar with the fact that aspects of your personal and work life, just like nature, have awkward spaces and uncomfortable situations that require difficult movement in order to progress, and that in some cases being “stuck” is more a mental state than reality.
Offwidth’s team of facilitators, guides and coaches are here to help you as an individual, you as a departmental team, you as an organisation, to creatively analyse your way through these awkward spaces, finding the mental power to move beyond the ”offwidth”.

Corporate Events

Develop knowledge and skills in ways that add value to every day experiences in the office

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can improve problem solving, coping skills, responsibility and more

Guiding and Adventure

The perfect way to enjoy some physical activity while absorbing the positive influences of nature

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